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Best dad ever makes Angry Birds birthday cake

It's official, Mike Cooper is the best dad ever.

The managing director at UK-based tech blog ElectricPig knew his son Ben loved the game "Angry Birds." And since Ben's 6th birthday was coming up, Cooper decided to make a birthday cake to beat all birthday cakes.

That is ... Cooper made a playable "Angry Birds" birthday cake complete with a working catapult and iced birds for lobbing through the air. Check it out here:

It seems Ben was suitably impressed. "That is SO amazing," he said upon getting a look at the cake his dad built. As you can see, the cake didn't last long once the bird-hurling started. But here's betting it tasted all the more sweet that way.

In addition to the above video, Cooper has been kind enough to put together a how-to guide for those of us who'd like to make an "Angry Birds" cake of our own. Check it out here.

Thanks Super Dad!

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