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Fashionable Kinect lights up Nordstrom window


Video gaming and fashion have crossed paths in an unlikely place: at clothing retailer Nordstrom. Nordstrom's flagship store has turned the Kinect game controller into a tool for light writing.

Oh Kinect ... while I'm still waiting to see what you have to offer those of us gamers who want to play more than just "Dance Central," your uses beyond the realm of video gaming continue to prove surprising, sometimes terrifying, but mostly quite delightful.

Speaking of which ... today's charming bit of Kinect ingenuity comes from clothing retailer Nordstrom of all places.

It seems the Seattle-based flagship store has created a window display that uses Microsoft's Kinect motion controller to let passersby hand "paint" lighted letters into the display.

Steve Clayton's Next at Microsoft blog alerted me to this nifty blend of fashion and gaming technology. The Kinect camera-based controller is hidden in a fixture below a Dolce & Gabbana handbag, he explains, and a sign instructs people walking by to "Please DO touch the glass."

He posted this video of the interactive window display in action:

Meanwhile, the Nordstrom blog says this project sprang from a light-writing project the company did for its Spring Designer catalog.

Check out their video for a quick look at how it came together:

Or better yet, if you live in the Seattle area, you can check it out for yourself. The display is scheduled to light up the Nordstrom window ... and your fashion sense ... until April 11.

(Thanks to Steve Clayton for the heads up.)

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