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Angry 'Call of Duty' dad attacks teen who 'shot' him


A 46-year-old father of three has admitted to court officials that he attacked a teen boy who killed off his "Call of Duty: Black Ops" character.

Mark Bradford, of Plymouth, England, became unhinged after his character was murdered, but also because he said the 13-year-old who took the shot called him a name. The two were playing the game over the Internet, and using microphones to talk.

Bradford knew where the boy lived, stormed over to his house and grabbed the boy's throat with both hands, according to the youngster's mother, who came to his rescue, says a report in The Mirror. The boy had some scratches, but was unharmed physically.

"It wasn’t malice. I just grabbed him. I’ve seen him since and apologized. The injuries weren’t that bad but I do regret it," Bradford told the court Thursday.

Bradford's attorney, Tracey Baker, said her client "just lost it," but that the attack wasn't planned, said the Plymouth Herald.

What is planned is an Oct. 24 sentencing hearing for Bradford, who was released on bail.

Said the boy's mother to The Mirror: "It’s pathetic that a grown man would attack a defenseless child like this. If you can’t handle losing to a child then you shouldn’t be playing games."

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