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'Modern Warfare 3' launch brings out the criminals, crazies


From Kansas City to Paris, the "Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3" launch has inspired some people to play mean.

How badly do people want to get their hands on the new “Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3” game? Bad enough to do some really, really stupid things.

"Modern Warfare 3" launched Tuesday and appears to be on pace to become the best-selling video game of the year ... if not of all time. Of course, when something that big hits the street, that means a few nasties and nut jobs are bound to try and ruin the fun for everyone else.

One such alleged nut job (my professional assessment) is the man who, according to police in Aurora, Colo., threatened to blow up the local Best Buy after he arrived at the store to find out "Modern Warfare 3" was sold out.

According to NBC affiliate 9News, Aurora Police Det. Bob Friel said that 31-year-old Lomorin Sar was arrested early Tuesday. Witnesses told police that Sar became real, real angry with the customer service desk after they told him the video game he allegedly pre-ordered earlier in the day was no longer in stock.

If Sar really had pre-ordered the game and didn't get it when promised, it's easy to understand how he might have been pretty dang peeved. But Sar was reportedly so angry he vowed to not only blow up the store, but to shoot employees in the parking lot. He has since been charged with disorderly conduct.

But the madness doesn’t end there.

According to a Kansas City police report, a 27-year-old man reported that, after driving to a local Game Stop to pick up his pre-ordered copy of "Modern Warfare 3," he was followed home by a man in an SUV. The man in the SUV got out, pulled a gun, and demanded that the victim give him the game.

The guy with the game apparently had no intention of giving up his precious copy of "Modern Warfare 3" and refused to hand it over. Brave? Stupid? Either way, there was a struggle for the gun and one shot was fired, though no one was hurt.

Police later found the would-be robber back at the Game Stop store doing what he should have done in the first place: waiting in line to buy the game. They identified him as David E. Morales, 18, and prosecutors charged him with attempted robbery and armed criminal action.

But it's not just your gun-wielding Americans who have gone gonzo about getting their copy of "Modern Warfare 3." In Paris, France, armed, mask-wearing thugs robbed two trucks that were delivering the "Call of Duty" game to stores over the weekend.

In at least one case, the thieves reportedly rammed a car into the delivery truck and used tear gas to take out the drivers before they made off with 6,000 copies of the game.

Meanwhile, in other news, millions of perfectly reasonable gamers around the world waited patiently for their turn to buy and play "Modern Warfare 3."

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