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Sony is letting people blow up an actual truck


Tuesday is the release of the long-awaited "Twisted Metal" revival for the PS3. And what better way to advertise a game that is all about destroying virtual vehicles than offering gamers the chance to blow up one in real life?

The following video features series creator David Jaffe explaining the basics, with the use of colorful language that has been censored by Sony already:

To re-cap, there's a van in the middle of the desert that resembles the ride that belongs to series mainstay Sweet Tooth. All interested parties can operate a pair of M249-SAWs fully automatic machine guns, which can be controlled from anywhere in the world, via any web browser, thanks to satellites.

The shootout will last for two days. Signing up requires going to shootmytruck.com and allowing access to either your Twitter and Facebook accounts.

Given the destructive nature of the weapons, one can't imagine the vehicle lasting more than two minutes if everyone who wanted to wield the machine guns are given the chance. So only a lucky few will be chosen and notified by email Tuesday morning.

As for the game itself, it arrives just in time for the ultimate in last-minute Valentine's Day gifts.

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