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'SoulCalibur V' Tumblr, better than the game!

NBCUniversal/Namco Bandai

Until an official "Community" video game arrives, there's "SoulCalibur V."

Despite enhancements to already rock-solid gameplay, a story that actually makes sense this time around, and various other positive refinements, the reception to "SoulCalibur V" is mixed. Complaints include the loss of beloved characters and a experience. But there's one thing everyone can agree upon: the creation mode is fantastic. And that's precisely what "F*ck Yeah, Soul Calibur Creations!" is all about.

As the one might gather from the name alone, which was recently highlighted by Destructoid, it's a Tumblr that celebrates the personalized fighters have come as a result. There are plenty of notable submissions, mostly recognizable faces from other games or other forms of media. Including the Dragonborn from "Skyrim", cast members from various "Metal Gear Solid" titles, femme fatales from "X-Men," and the Power Rangers to name a few.

Most curious of all is how one of the submitters is apparently a huge fan of the NBC show "Community." In addition to Pierce Hawthorne, seen above, you also have Jeff Winger in pool shorts, Britta Perry with a bagel floating above her head, and Dean Craig Pelton as Catwoman:

NBCUniversal/Namco Bandai


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