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New 'Max Payne 3' trailer sheds light on the story, plus blood


Rockstar has released a brand new trailer for their upcoming late spring/early summer release, "Max Payne 3." It paints a clear picture of the circumstances that lead the hard-boiled cop-turned-vigilante to leave the concrete jungle that is New York City for the genuine tropics that São Paulo, Brazil has to offer.

Be warned: it's fairly violent and the language is tad bit salty:

It's yet another expertly crafted trailer, the kind Rockstar has become known for, but in case you need a little more back story, here goes: When the trophy wife of Rodrigo Branco, a local "businessman" who employs Payne to handle various personal affairs (like keeping an eye on the aforementioned Fabiana) is kidnapped, the hero of the story must travel halfway across the globe to save the girl. And in the process, Payne finds himself tangled in a web of violence that includes street thugs, paramilitary hired guns and an especially vicious police force.

As previously reported, the game is arriving a tad bit later than expected, but not by much. At the very least, it gives people some extra time to save up for the also previously mentioned special edition, which includes a Max Payne statue plus still lifes of bullets and painkillers. "Max Payne 3" arrives on May 15 for the PC, PS3, and Xbox 360.

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