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Double Fine's 'Adventure' is expanding

Double Fine Productions

Exactly one week has passed since our first report regarding the success of Double Fine with Kickstarter. The original goal of $400,000 was met in a little over eight hours, and with 26 days left to go, reaching the $2 million mark is entirely plausible.

So what are Tim Schafer and company going to do with all that extra cash? Spend it, of course. In the most recent update, a video explains how previously announced versions will be expanded and new platforms for which "Double Fine Adventure" is destined:

In addition to the PC, Mac and Linux, the game is now heading toward iOS and Android. Voice acting will be added to the American release of the text-only game, which will also be translated into French, Italian, German and Spanish.

Hopefully, Swedish speakers will get a version as well, given that they were accidentally addressed (and one can't imagine it costing all that much more to produce).

When the time comes, a closed beta will be made available to backers via Steam, for purely security-related reasons, though Schafer promises that the completed version will be DRM free.

Further updates have been promised, including more rewards for backers, in the weeks to come.

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