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'Angry Birds' will be flying with zero gravity next month


The latest "Angry Birds" spin-off has been announced. This time, Rovio is taking the war into the stars above. Arriving on March 22 is the aptly titled "Angry Birds Space."

As the publisher states: "Angry Birds Space is a completely new game with innovative new gameplay, but with some of the familiar Angry Birds elements that fans already know and love -- plus some surprises!"

The announcement also has the following teaser trailer:

Rovio states that more details will be revealed in early March, before the final product lands. The official site is a good place to keep bookmarked for all "Angry Bird" diehards for wish to be in the loop.

As for where it'll be landing, the answer appears to be everywhere: "on March 22nd we will launch simultaneously in mobile gaming, animation, retail, and publishing. Not only is this a first for us as an integrated entertainment company, but the first time this has ever been done for a mobile game!"

Versions for smartphones are a no-brainer, it's the words "animation" and "publishing" that stick out the most. Will we be treated to a line of tie-in cartoons and comic books? Given all the "Angry Birds" merchandise that is already on the store shelves, it's a safe bet.

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