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Obama and Romney put differences aside to deal with hostile orcs

Most game publishers got into the spirit of Presidents' Day — by offering killer deals, like many retailers. But the creators of "Dungeon Defenders," the hit action RPG-meets tower defense title, celebrated a little differently, by actually including a few commander in chiefs, plus a couple of their pals.

The "Presidents Day Battle Royale" DLC, released yesterday for the Steam version, Includes four new unlockable skins: President Obama, GOP front runner Mitt Romney, the first lady, and the very first President of the United States, George Washington:

It's unfortunate Abraham Lincoln wasn't included, given that he's arguably the most popular President in history and that yesterday's holiday is also dedicated to him. Meanwhile, supporters of Rick Santorum, New Gingrich, and Ron Paul may be equally miffed their nominees were also shunned, especially since the GOP race is not quite over yet.

The DLC also includes brand new weapons, attire, and even pets, which includes the Democrat Donkey and the Republican Elephant.

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