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'Call of Duty Elite Drop 3: Overwatch' is now live

The third helping of Activision's "Content Drop" for Call of Duty Elite's Modern Warfare 3 Content Season is finally here. A brand new map, Overwatch, is now available for all Premium Members on Xbox Live.

Overwatch takes place in the midst of a construction site, a work in progress New York City skyscraper. Unlike most maps, which provide plenty of terrain to run across, and a variety of structures to take cover in or gather loot from, there's nowhere to run and hide here.

While there's sure to be an abundance of weaponry and similar tools to play with, the place is super cramped, with danger waiting at every single corner. The following is the map's unveiling from last week, the day after Valentine's, and starring Elite's pitchman, Rob Riggle:

Overwatch is for all "Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3" players who have paid Elite memberships, though Xbox 360 owners will be getting their maps first. Sorry folks with PS3s, you'll get it eventually.

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